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         Asset Recycle, Inc. began business in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1989 and this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. It was formed by W. E. "Bill" Manhein to serve the Turbomachinery aftermarket. From 1973-1988, Bill worked in sales and sales management for the Engineered Equipment Services division of both Worthington and Ingersoll-Rand. Bill's 45 years of experience in the field have resulted in the establishment of invaluable relationships with many original equipment manufacturers, engineering firms and aftermarket design firms.

         Texas Turbo-Machinery Exchange was formed by Warren Ayres in LaPorte, Texas, in 1989. Warren's experience includes 31 years with the Elliott Company as a Sales Engineer in Washington, D.C., District Manager in Seattle, Washington, Product Marketing Manager for the Plant Air Package (PAP) line of air compressors in Jeanette, Pennsylvania, and Manager of Industrial Products for Latin America in Coral Gables, Florida. This was followed by 8 years of Compressor and Turbine sales for Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company in LaPorte, Texas, and 2 years of sales and customer coordination for Revak Turbomachinery Service in LaPorte, Texas. Warren's years of experience and the multitude of contacts he has established with manufacturers and users alike qualify him as one of the leaders in the industry.